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1 – General use of the website


1.1 – This document refers to the terms and conditions of the use of the website www.globalpropertyshop.com, sometimes referred to in  this document as “site” “our website” or “the website”. By using our website, you confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions that can be found in the document that follows, if you do not agree with the terms and conditions please do refrain from using our website.


1.2 – These terms of use will be amended periodically, whenever you wish to use our website, you should check that nothing has changed and if it has changed, that you agree with the modifications.


1.3 – By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that it is the sole responsibility of the website user to ensure that their computer hardware and software is compatible with our website.


1.4 – You must not attempt to cause harm to the website, this includes trying to hack the website, defraud its users, attempt to damage the website in any way, intentionally damage advertisements for personal gain, uploading of any viruses / worms or any other software that can be considered malicious


1.5 – You must not download any of the images that have been uploaded to our website, these should be requested direct from the vendor of the property


1.6 – You must not copy or  plagiarize any of the property descriptions found on this website. If you wish to use a part or all of a property description found on this website, you must send your request directly to the vendor.


1.7 – We at global property shop try our hardest to keep all the content found on our website safe and easy to use. However, due to the nature of the internet and those who use it,  we do not take responsibility for any disguised malware that may have  been uploaded by our users.


1.8 – We do not guarantee that the website will always be accessible to our users, there may be a necessity to update the website or resolve any “bugs”. If the website is ever found offline, rest assured we will be working our hardest to get it back online as soon as possible.


2 – Registration


2.1 – There must be only one account per user registered.


2.2 – The e-mail provided upon registration is a valid address and that it belongs to the person who is registering.


2.3 – We reserve the right to terminate any newly registered accounts that we find not in compliance with our terms of use, without warning or reason.


2.4 – By registering with Global Property Shop, you are acknowledging that your given e-mail address will be added to our mail list and you shall start to receive our newsletter.


3 – Uploading content


3.1 – When uploading images and text, it is strictly prohibited to upload inappropriate content to our website, this includes: any images that are not sale-related, offensive language or gestures, sexually oriented content, any materials that do not belong explicitly to the vendor.


3.2 – You must not leave any links to external websites, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses or the location of offices (in the case of real estate agents) in the description or anywhere else on the advertisement.


3.3 – It is the sole responsibility of our users to abide by the terms and conditions set out in this document, if it is deemed by the Global Property Shop team that an infringement of this agreement has occurred, it may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account with or without warning. We also reserve the right to remove any content that is uploaded to our website at any time without notice or reason.


3.4 – By uploading content to this website you are agreeing that; the content you are uploading to your advertisement is:

  • accurate and correct to the best of your knowledge;
  • Free from any offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, hateful, immoral or unethical material;
  • compliant with the laws of the country in  which they were posted;
  • free any content that may infringe property rights of others.


3.5 – Global Property Shop does not take responsibility for the opinions and points of view of our users, we will however work to keep Global Property Shop as safe and professional as possible.


4 – Copyright


4.1 – All intellectual property such as; texts, images, codes, links, trade marks and videos belong to The Global Property Shop or to the publisher of the advertisement.


4.2 – Global Property Shop, www.globalpropertyshop.com and our logo are intellectual property belonging to the Global Property Shop, all rights are reserved. You must not use, copy or download our out logos and trade names without our written consent.


5 – Privacy


5.1 – Global Property Shop assures its users that all information given upon registration and/or on uploaded advertisements will be kept confidential and shall not be shared with any third parties. The only exception will be in the case of any legal proceedings that may require us to disclose information about a certain user.


5.2 – By using our website, you agree that any correspondence between yourself and any member of the Global Property Shop Team shall be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party.